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(recommendations made by Michael McManus of Marriage Savers)

The type of intervention depends in part upon the stage of difficulty you are in.

Level 2 - 3, in which the problems are poor communication and problem-solving, but where neither is considering divorce. Marriage Encounter is a weekend retreat that has been attended by 2 million couples, 80% to 90% of whom say it helped them to fall back in love, and to gain new respect for their spouse. About 20-30 couples attend a weekend retreat led by three couples who tell intimate details of their marital growth. They then ask attendees to write to their spouse on an assigned subject, such as "What do I admire about you and our marriage?" "What feeling do I have that I find most difficult to share with you?" After writing, couples go to their motel room, read what each wrote and then talk. This part is utterly private. It is the exact opposite of sitting down with a therapist, and pouring your soul out to someone who doesn't know you at $100 an hour. To learn of a Marriage Encounter near you call 1-800-795-LOVE (795-5683).

Level 4, where divorce is being considered by one or both people. The best widespread answer is Retrouvaille, a French word for Rediscovery, pronounced Ret-roo-vie. It is run like Marriage Encounter except that the leaders are couples whose own marriages nearly failed. These "back-from-the-brink" couples tell their own stories of recovery from adultery, alcoholism, etc. They then assign a topic for the couples to write on, and to discuss in private. Retrouvaille is so successful, it saves 80% of the worst marriages! More than 60,000 couples have gone and found the process inspirational. The couples leading the weekend are donating their time, as in Marriage Encounter. They are doing it for the most selfless of reasons. Their own marriage has been healed and they want to help others. To learn more, Call 800 470-2230. A couple leading the program will call and tell you when the next weekend near you will be held. Cost only a modest registration fee, but they do seek contributions by those who can afford it to pay for motel bills (about $300-$400). Those who can't afford the contribution do not pay.

Level 4, another alternative is to watch a video series, "Before You Divorce," which saves 70%-80% of marriages. It is a five part series, best watched with a friend or mentoring couple who can help the couple consider the issues. A Christian attorney in the first says, "The worst thing you can do is to call an attorney. He will ask you to separate, stop talking to your spouse." He outlines the horror that divorcing couples go through legally. Other videos talk of the emotional and physical cost, and the impact on kids. Reconciliation is explored. There are two workbooks. The videos can be ordered for $60 + $5 postage by calling our offices, 301-469-5873, and can be paid for with a credit card.

Level 5, where there has been a separation, or a separation is not far off. The person left behind can take a course called "Reconciling God's Way," in which a woman would ask a female friend, or a male, a male friend, to meet with the person an hour a week for 12 weeks. There is a Manual for both the separated person, and for the mentor or support partner, for a cost of only $25 for both manuals plus $3 postage. The course helps the person rebuild a trust in God. The odds are better than 50-50 that the person who has run off will come back, realizing that a mistake has been made. If the person left behind has remained faithful to the marital vows, not dated, and rebuilt a self-confidence and a faith in God, he or she will be more attractive than ever to the errant spouse. Reconciliation happens 50%-70%. If you want to order Reconciling God's Way manuals, Call us at 301-469-5873.

Marriage Savers is training couples in churches to provide help to those considering divorce. This program, called "Marriage Ministry," has a 90% reconciliation rate, but it takes time to get a program like this in place in a congregation. People on the edge need help immediately, which is why other programs are recommended. However, we will be training in how to create a Marriage Ministry, Reconciling Gods Way, and other marriage-saving ministries at our next National Training to Create a Marriage Savers Congregation Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2001 on this site or call 301-469-5873 and speak with Peggy Mader.

More Seminar Opportunities...
By Carl Caton, Website Editor

Here's a list of more ministries that offer seminars or small group formats:

Divorce Care
A DivorceCare group is a special place of encouragement, information and sharing. DivorceCare groups meet weekly, providing you with an ongoing "support team" as you deal with the issues surrounding your separation or divorce.

There are thousands of DivorceCare support groups meeting weekly throughout the US and Canada. DivorceCare groups are designed so that you can begin attending on any week.  Click here to learn more about a group meeting in your area.

Marriage for a Lifetime Seminars
During a Marriage for a Lifetime seminar with bestselling author Gary Smalley, you will learn about intimacy, communication, discovering your mate's needs, finding fulfillment and more. Visit the Gary Smalley website and click the Marriage for a Lifetime button.

I Still Do Conferences by Family Life

New Beginnings
Rescue your relationship with a New Beginning.  This program is an intensive three day interactive seminar that dramatically changes your relationship with your spouse, regardless of what you feel for each other now. 

Keeping Love Alive Seminar (sm)
 The focus of this workshop is on mastering skills you need to make your relationship more loving. That's why you'll be offered concrete, state-of-the-art techniques for handling conflict constructively and breaking free from relationship ruts. To insure that you will incorporate your new skills at home, you and your partner will be given ample opportunity to practice together- in private. 

Marriage Alive

Great Marriage Retreats
Christian organization providing Marriage Retreats, Conferences and Seminars currently in the Southeast US but rapidly expanding as God allows and leads. 

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