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by Gary Chapman

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Marriage Problem?
No marriage is hopeless!  There are numerous ministries and organizations that are demonstrating remarkable results in saving troubled marriages.  

Before You Divorce

Divorce Proof

Marriage Savers

Marriage Encounter

Marriage 911

Divorce Busting


A New Beginning

More about our resources.

The Marriage Turnaround
by Mitch Temple

I Don't Want a Divorce
by David Clarke


Close Calls
by Dave Carder

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
by John Trent

Torn Asunder
by Dave Carder

Desperate Marriages
by Gary Chapman

divorce proof your marriage gary barbara rosberg

Divorce-Proof Your Marriage 
By Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg 

Read Chapter One of 
"The Divorce Remedy" online!

the divorce remedy from michele weiner davis

Divorce Remedy:
 The Proven 7-Step Program
 for Saving Your Marriage
by Michele Weiner-Davis

more about Divorce Remedy

New Book!
Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
by John Trent

Article Feature:
Healing from Infidelity

by Michele Weiner-Davis, M.S.W
(reprinted with permission from

Life certainly has its challenges, but little compares to the monumental task of healing from infidelity.  more...

Read Chapter One of "Divorce Busting" Online

Divorce Busting : A Revolutionary and Rapid Program for Staying Together
by Michele Weiner-Davis

by Linda Waite

The Case for Marriage
By Linda Waite, and
Maggie Gallagher

by scott stanley
Fighting for Your Marriage:
Positive Steps for Preserving a Lasting Love
by Scott Stanley



"If divorce were a physical disease, we'd declare a national emergency."


"Any fool can have a
trophy wife.
It takes a real man
to have a trophy
- Diane Sollee

Does your marriage seem hopeless at this point?
Your worst enemy at this point may be despair.  You will be encouraged to learn of many resources you can use to turn your situation around.  Please explore!
Wondering about the affects of divorce on your child?
Would divorce affect the relationship that you enjoy with your child?  This is information you must explore!
Life without father?
New research indicates that fathers play a vital role in the well being of healthy children.  
Does your marriage need a tune up?
Preventive maintenance and minor tune ups can keep your relationship running strong!
Is your marriage strong... and you want to keep it that way?
Preventive maintenance!
Need a marriage counselor?
Links to Christian counselors and referral organizations.
Prevent affairs & infidelity...
Seven tips from the author of "Not Just Frends"
Divorce statistics and its impact upon our culture
One of the most comprehensive studies of our times, this report prepared by the Heritage Foundation brings together a huge amount of data on the subject.   


Christian based marriage ministries
A list of introductions to many respected Christian marriage ministries.
Looking for a book that can help?
A list of reader's favorites from Amazon.
After the Divorce...
Picking up the pieces after the storm...
Just for Men...
Some eye opening information just for men.

More Articles...

A Model of Commitment
by Dionna Sanchez
Our children carry fears with them daily. Some we know about, some are reserved for deep spaces inside their hearts. Itís our job as parents to make them feel secure and stable in a world that is anything but.  <more...>

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
Itís been said that one of the problems that married couples have today is that men tend to
choose their wives the same way they choose their cars or trucks.  <more...>

For Those Threatened by Divorce
By Michael McManus
"Steps You Can Take To Save Your Marriage"    We receive many requests for information on how to save troubled marriages. < more...>

Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce
by Before You Divorce
Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce, available from Before You Divorce is a powerful tool designed to help you break through the anger and emotion of a marriage crisis. Help slow the seemingly unstoppable momentum of the divorce process with this Christ-centered, biblical strategy designed to stop divorce.

Divorce Proof
by Gary & Barb Rosberg
Gary and Barb Rosbergs new national campaign, 'Divorce-Proofing America's Marriages for the sake of the next generation' is at the forefront of their mission to give churches and families the tools and resources to build strong, healthy marriages free of divorce.  Learn more about this exciting new ministry <more...>

Developing Intimacy 
by Joe Beam 
We all crave it, but most of us will never have it. Why? <more... >

Reality Checks for Confrontations
By Dennis Rainey
(c)2000 Used with permission)
As important as it is to be able to lovingly confront your mate when you have a conflict....   <more ...>

The Secret of Relationship Success
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
With a divorce rate in this country that approaches 50%, and a fairly sizable percentage of marriages that arenít particularly blissful, itís difficult to avoid searching for the answer to the battle of the sexes. Would you like to stop searching? <more...>

Relationships: Too Easy To Leave
by Margaret Paul
Sara and Tim, both in their 50ís, have been together for two years. Both have been previously married and divorced. When they met, they fell madly in love, which lasted for a few months. Then the conflicts started.

Beware Debt Under Construction
by Alyice Edrich
Warning: Americans are filing for bankruptcy at an alarming rate. Spending is out of control. Arguments over finances are destroying families. Financial stresses are among the top five reasons couples divorce. <more...>

New Web Resource: Family Podcasts
by Carl Caton
The family that brings you this site is offering a new website with a review of great family podcasts offerings on the web. Check out the new Family Podcast website.

        Words of Encouragement to prevent divorce
There is hope!  Even the most troubled relationships can be revived for those willing to make the effort.  I have listed a few outstanding faith-based programs that are working miracles in the lives of struggling couples.  In this most recent update of our site, we have greatly expanded our offerings including many new articles from best selling authors!


What did Jesus say about divorce?

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